Carmel Market

An essential part of the history of the city of Tel Aviv is without a doubt the Carmel Market. This is the most famous and central market in the city of Tel Aviv.
The smells, sounds and colors of the Carmel Market are an integral part of the city.
The market combines stalls with fresh agricultural produce alongside cafes, restaurants, bakeries and more.
The market is a center of pilgrimage for tourists coming to get to know the city up close as the young and vibrant atmosphere manages to conquer them as well.

The Carmel Market – a bit of history

So when did it all start? In the 1920s, Jewish merchants who came from Russia purchased land in the city of Tel Aviv. The area where they settled was called the Yemenite Vineyard. Over time, they developed a small market in the area called “The Vineyard”. The mayor at the time was Meir Dizengoff and he was the one who helped make the market regulated and official.
He is also responsible for the name of the market – the Carmel Market when he named it after Carmel Street.
Over the years, the market has become a major shopping center for residents of Tel Aviv and the region.
Today you can find all types of food on the market.
Fruits, vegetables, pastries, poultry, meats, fish and more.
The market has not always been a safe place as it is today.

During the War of Independence, the Jews who passed through the market suffered sniper fire from the nearby Hassan Beck Mosque.
During the period of austerity, the Carmel Market was a place where food could be obtained that could not be obtained elsewhere.
Over the years, attempts have been made to move the market to another area but these have not been successful.
The Intifada did not skip the market and there were a number of deadly terrorist attacks.

Carmel Market – a market that is an experience

The market is today considered a leader in Tel Aviv as in recent years it has received a new welcome with the opening of many restaurants, cafes and food stalls.
The Carmel Market – an experience not to be missed.

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