“Jaffa is beautiful” is what Shai Agnon called the city of Jaffa in one of the short stories he wrote. Jaffa is without a doubt one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities we have in the country. The beauty of the city only gets better with time. This is the reason why so many tourists choose to travel in the city of Jaffa.
They enjoy the beauty of the city, are exposed to the stories behind the city’s historic sites and get a rare glimpse into a rich and glorious cultural world.

Where is the best place to travel in Jaffa?

So there are several recommended tours to the city of Jaffa and not to be missed.

Port of Jaffa

Jaffa Port is one of the oldest ports in the world. It used to be a major port in Israel. Today it serves as a tourist site, entertainment center, with restaurants, bars and other various attractions.

Culinary tour in Jaffa

As a coastal city, the culinary culture of the city is mainly based on seafood. Sea fish, seafood and so on. The proximity of the city of Jaffa to Tel Aviv, the capital of Israeli cuisine, has led to the fact that today luxury restaurants operate in its territory that have been greatly influenced by the culinary atmosphere in Tel Aviv.

Art tour in Jaffa

Whether you are an artist at heart or not, you may find a lot of interest in the many galleries and museums scattered around the city. An art tour in Jaffa will reveal to you the stories behind most of the artists in Old Jaffa alongside tours of museums and galleries all over the city.

A tour of Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa reveals many layers of ancient history. In the grounds of the old town you can visit the churches of St. Peter and St. Peter and experience the city from this aspect as well.

Tour of theaters

The city is full of prestigious theaters such as the Alley Theater, the Bridge Theater, the Venus Theater and more.

A tour of Jaffa is really not another tour.
Because Jaffa is a magical city with a lot of life, a lot of history and also a lot of beauty and taste and color.

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